Louisville's #1 Sports Performance Training

Prepare for the season ahead and set yourself apart from the competition with our Sports Performance Training. This program covers the skills you need to thrive in your sport!
Our training system is designed with the goal of improving SPORTS PERFORMANCE and ATHLETICISM! 

Our goal is not to help our athletes simply get better at working out. Our program is specifically designed to improve characteristics that specifically translate to an athletes’ on-field or on-court performance.

Through results-oriented programming and innovative training methods our athletes get stronger, more explosive, run faster, become more agile, increase flexibility/mobility, enter their season(s) with better stamina and conditioning, and develop sound nutritional habits.

Sports Performance Training can help you: 

• Build functional strength
• Improve your mobility, speed, and agility
• Move more efficiently in everything you do
• Learn how to juggle exterior factors like nutrition, rest, and mental preparation 

What days & times are available:
Monday: 1pm/3:30pm
Tuesday: 1pm/3:30pm/5:30pm
Wednesday: 3:30pm
Thursday: 1pm/3:30pm/5:30pm
Friday: 1pm/3:30pm/5:30pm

Who is eligible?  
12 - 18 year old athletes (Exceptions will be made based on maturity levels)

How long are the sessions?
Sessions are 60 minutes

Is there a contract?
No, athletes will be billed bi-weekly and can cancel at anytime

Click the Link below to see Availability and Pricing Options:

WARNING: Spaces are limited and we are only accepting dedicated participants who are 100% committed to getting in the best shape of their lives in the next 8 WEEKS!

STARTS: March 28th, 2016

*** Only 25 Spots Available ***

I Could go on Forever how this Gym has Changed My Life! ~Missy

Time Until Registration Closes

Join us today and see how much you have to gain.

Contact: Josh at info@resultsbydesignfitness.com or text me personally at 502-586-5544 
Frequently Asked Questions
Where Are You Located?
How can we get a hold of you if we have a question?
You can call us at 502.544.5228 or email us at info@resultsbydesignsfitness.com

If my athlete is out of shape can he/she still do the program? 
Yes, we have modifications for every exercise and we can scale the workouts to your fitness level.